Ruchi Ahuja
Lead-HR Amura Marketing Technologies

Arrista’s Communication Skills program was the first of a kind intervention conducted at Amura. Searches for an ideal training partner lead us to Arrista. Chirag displays an immense amount of energy and involvement even during the developing stage of the program. He created a perfect platform for connecting with the audience and immediately struck a chord with everyone.
The participants loved the fact that the session was interesting, fun and interactive which made quite an impact on the targeted skills. Chirag brings with him a lot of intelligent insights, knowledge and awareness, which positively influences the participants to introspect. The fact that the word has spread around the company and more employees are coming forward to ask for such trainings says a lot about the success of the session. Arrista has set a very high benchmark and we would definitely like to engage with them for more such programs.

Prof. Pallavi Chugh
Pratibha Group of Institutes

We had a workshop on Preparing for the Masters Years by Chirag Shah and Arrista for our MBA/MCA students. He offered very useful tips on how they could prepare themselves for the corporate world. It was evident from the student feedback that the workshop is definitely going to help them in becoming employable in the future

Pratik Ghosh
HR- International Operations, Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd

It has been a pleasure for us to deal with Arrista School of Finesse, particularly in our experience with Forbes Marshall’s International Operations team. Chirag Shah does a fine job of conducting sessions that teach you fundamental etiquettes in business, while encountering different situations. His sessions are both fun and full of examples that keep everyone motivated and eventually people take these learnings forward in their daily business life, which is filled with interactions from people across disciplines. We wish Arrista every success in future.

Shivapada Ray
Chief Operating Officer – DSK Motowheels Pvt. Ltd

This was the first of its kind of training program for our team at DSK Motowheels. Chirag has an incredible knowledge base.
Not only did the team learn new techniques and skills that they had not learnt before but also got hands-on experience in terms of what’s going on in the world and excellent insights into the dynamics of teamwork.
But the biggest impact was changing the way they think in order to make them more effective, successful managers.
I highly recommend Arrista’s training program for all companies which are at the threshold of explosive growth and real success.
Undoubtedly , Arrista is right up there with the best training institutes in this country.

Rashida Seth
Rashida Seth
Ness Wadia College of Commerce

The soft skills training offered us various benefits such as time management, teamwork, the ability to communicate effectively and develop our presentation skills. It also helped in the enchancement of our speaking and listening skills, the way we present ourselves in our personal lives as well as in the corporate world. Lastly, I would like to thank you, Mr Sandeep and Dr. Bhooshan for conducting such an informative soft skills course which in turn, helped us to improve our personality.

Mudita Yadav
Mudita Yadav
Ness Wadia College of Commerce

This program has taught all of us things which we can’t learn in a classroom. It has helped us in improving our communication and presentation skills. Little things which we learned in the programs like how to exchange business cards, business attire, formal communication, writing mails etc have enlightened us. Corporate code of conduct is something which all of us learn when we start working but the soft skills training course has given us the opportunity to learn these things in advance which will make us stand out among our fellow workmates. Lastly, I would like to thank you and Mr. Sandeep for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us and enlightening us.

Omung Thaman
Omung Thaman
Ness Wadia College of Commerce

In this competitive world, one good skill or characteristic can be the defining point. What if a course can help with all the important decisions in your life? The course arranged by Arrista for us is exactly what I am talking about. It was very well designed and executed. It was full of interactive sessions with wonderful guest lecturers teaching us small things which can affect big picture. It is not just a professional course, It has had a huge impact on my life which, in turn, has led to a lot of change. It was wonderful having you here, thank you!

Prarthna Karwa
Training Head, Keystone School of Engineering

The Arrista team has conducted the Polished Professional workshop for Engineering students at Keystone. Your skillful, thoughtful , sensible approach is a pleasure to work with. Having worked for more than 3 years with you, I can say you are outstanding master in training students to increase their employability and marketability.

Testimonial_7 jayshree
Jayshree Bajoria

Arrista simply helps you realise the potential and ability in you. It goes beyond this in helping you polish those abilities to an extent that it shines and glows through you. The part that I loved the most is that it does all this in such a heartfelt, genuine and a practical way that you feel confident about yourself. Thank You Arrista !

Dakshita Biyani

I am very grateful to all the faculty members at Arrista and my fellow batch-mates who helped me and taught me so much in just 6 days I truly feel that Arrista defines my personality . Thank you so much !